Hai Duong is a beautiful city, only 57 km from Hanoi capital to the east, 45 km from Hai Phong to the west and 55 km from Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh in the north east. Hai Duong was first called Thanh Dong (“East Province”) which means the city to the east of Thang Long Citadel (Hanoi).

A railway, first class National Highway No. 5 connecting Hanoi – Hai Duong – Hai Phong and National Highway No. 18 connecting Bac Ninh – Hai Duong – Quang Ninh make it convenient for visitors and foreigners to travel to Ha Long Bay, Do Son Beach and Hanoi Capital.    

Do Son Beach In Hai Phong – A Heaven Beach In Vietnam

Transportation within Hai Duong city is quite convenient, you can easily get a taxi or walk on the pavements of clean streets. The air is quite fresh and the streets are clean for your walk in the morning or late afternoon.

Hai Duong is famous for being a “sacred land with pre-eminent people” with hundreds of well-known historical, cultural relics and scenic beauty areas such as Con Son – Kiep Bac, Nguyễn Trãi Temple, Chi Lang Nam Storks island, Chu Dau Ceramic. The province is also a place of many traditional handicraft villages with well-known products for centuries. Cultural Festivals are organized annually during Spring and Autumn, attracting visitors from all over the nation.

Hai Duong has over 100 hotels, ranging from 2 stars to 4 stars. Besides, there are many motels and guest-houses of reasonable price and good service. Restaurants serving traditional food are found on almost every street in the city center. Visitors can also enjoy foreign cuisines in specialty restaurants around Bach Dang Lake, Ngo Quyen Street, Truong Chinh Street. International restaurants are getting more popular and choice is expanding. You will find Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Italian restaurants in town.

Foreigners will miss the food in Hai Duong such as the green bean cake, glutinous rice cake dyed black with a concoction of pinnate leaves, rice roll cake with pork meat, bicycle chicken Manh Hoach, fresh litchi of Thanh Ha district.

In the recent years, Hai Duong has received significant foreign direct investment (FDI) for its 18 Industrial Parks. Total FDI registered capital in Hai Duong reached nearly USD7.5 billion with investment from USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan.

Hai Duong’s education system is divided into 5 categories: pre-primary, primary, intermediate, secondary, and higher education. The Hai Duong people are friendly and love studying English. The foreign teacher community in Hai Duong is quite diverse. They come from different countries with the common interest of improving the English knowledge for the students and young people in Hai Duong.

Stay in Hai Duong to work for Language Link Hai Duong with your comfort, safe and freedom.

Please feel free to contact Language Link Hai Duong at our Hotline 1900 989915 for further information and support when you come to Hai Duong City.


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